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Therapist Resource Network provides emergency financial support, burnout prevention and recovery, and advocacy for mental health clinicians.


A world where therapists are compensated adequately and have healthy working environments so they can provide ethical treatment for all clients seeking treatment.





Our Why

America’s mental health care professionals are in crisis, struggling to cope emotionally and financially as the demand for their services has skyrocketed in recent years while resources to support them are not keeping up. Citing burnout and profound financial stress, therapists are leaving the mental health profession at a rate not seen before – at a time when they are needed more than ever. Many say they are simply overwhelmed by caseloads that have exploded in the wake of COVID 19 and include complex issues exacerbated by the pandemic, such as suicide, eating disorders, substance abuse, grief counseling, gender identity, and racial tension. Licensed therapists have long been underpaid and had their work undervalued in a system that has typically favored and funded physical healthcare services over mental health. In comparison to similarly educated and trained physical health professionals, mental health clinicians earn almost 35% less than their counterparts. With the surge in caseloads, that imbalance is simply more than they can handle.

Executive Board

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Jeanine Rousso, LMHC, LPC, ACS, RPT-S

Founder and President

Throughout her 18+ years working in the mental health field, Jeanine noticed a growing need for support among mental health clinicians, especially in times of personal emergencies and burnout. As the need for mental health treatment increased among clients, so did the need for the clinicians themselves to be cared for. She founded TRN to help mental health clinicians care for themselves so they can continue to care for their clients.


Zandra Baker, LPC, NCC

Co-Founder and Vice President

Zandra is a licensed professional counselor with 15 years of experience in various clinical environments, supporting people in schools, home, hospitals, clinics, and community centers. Valuing a culturally informed, trauma-integrated approach to care, Zandra recognizes that in the same way her clients’ day-to-day lives are impacted by their lived experiences, this sentiment holds true for her colleagues who are often impacted by the secondary trauma that attends this line of work. Like many therapeutic clients, therapists themselves also deserve support to sustain their emotional well being.  To address this gap between deserved care and received care, Zandra began collaborating with Jeanine to develop TRN with the aim to provide emotional/financial support for therapists and offer educational opportunities for the community at large to better understand therapeutic work as a whole.


Sherian Feaster


Sherian is an accomplished organizational transformation consultant specializing in solving complex challenges organizations face. She works closely with leaders and groups to implement responsive working methods that help achieve desired outcomes. Sherian is a strong advocate of creating equitable work environments that benefit everyone. She has extensive experience consulting for government and corporate clients in learning and development, digital transformation, and human-centered design. Sherian joins the Therapist Resource Network because of her knowledge and background in developing high-performing teams and promoting an inclusive board culture.


Maranda Conner, LPC-S, LPC-MHSP


Maranda Conner is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 14 + years of experience in Community Mental Health and a USMC Veteran. In serving the community with some of the most difficult populations, Maranda recognized a deficit in resources and services for clinicians who are serving boots on the ground. Therapist Resource Network (TRN) was a perfect fit for Maranda who was looking to advocate in a time where mental health services are so vitally necessary and our clinicians need us the most. 

Interested in joining the TRN board?
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